Friday, January 30, 2009

Electric man

One day a little boy named Jon had a birthday coming up. He was going to Hawaii.
He was so excited! Because it was his birthday! It was a long ride to go to Hawaii.
But they got there. "Cake time! Cake time!", his mom said. Jon said, "Can we wait for cake, because i want to open up my presents."
"Yes," his mom said.
"This is the coolest thing ever." Jon said. It was metal armor. Jon said "can I play with it?"

"wait until you open all of your presents." said his mom.

His last present was a spider man game. But he wanted to play with the metal armor. He asked his mom and she said "yes." Jon played with his metal armor for a long time.
"It is getting stormy", his mom said. But Jon did not listen. Then Jon got electrocuted!
Jon's mom took Jon to the doctor's office.
Jon was finally awake. when Jon got out of the doctor's office he turned into metal and shot out electricity and fire.
"I am Electric Man!"


  1. what a great story my son!! i am proud of you! keep it going!!

  2. This is an excellent piece of Minimalism. Young Stamas clearly has no time for gratuitous adverbs which helps the story move along at a refreshing pace. It's an interesting exploration of the theme of mortality, or indeed immortality, and I'd certainly be interested to see how Electricity Man exploits his randomly obtained power. Or is it so random? There must be a reason for Jon's Mum to give him the gift of Armour...
    Let me know when the next Vignette is completed.
    Ben Robinson- West Sussex, England

  3. Very captivating indeed! I enjoyed myself throughout the entire story. Thank you for this excting and thrilling story!!!
    -Haley (your Mom's friend)