Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eletrick man2

"I cannot tell my mom about this she is going to freak!" said Jon.
"Honey, where are you?" said Jon's mom. " we are going to move to New York where your cousin, Josh lives."
Jon says, "okay". Jon was nervous because there can be a lot of bad guys that he could fight and he was unsure that he was ready.
When Jon got to his cousin's house, he immediately asked his aunt if she can sew him a suit. "Yes. Sure I can sew you a suit". It took her 5 hours to finish the suit. It was black with a v shape going from his shoulders to his chest. And the V shape was yellow. Jon asked his aunt to add one little thing to his suit. He wanted to put an yellow E below the V shape on the shirt. It was now finished.
Then Jon sat on the couch to watch the news to see some crimes. His aunt said, " Since when were you into watching the news?"
Jon responds with, "I just got into the habit after that faithful electric shock."
"Oh no!", Jon said, "there is a burglary happening right now!"
Jon asked his aunt if she can hand him the suit that she had made. Jon went into the bathroom and opened the window and flew away.
When he got there, everyone was shocked to see a super hero. All of New York did not believe in superheros. "Did you know that burglary is illegal?", said Electric Man. Electric Man hit the bags out of the burglar's hands. Electric Man did not know that only his hands can be metal and punch something so hard that it can fly back!!!
Electric Man said. "Now we're talk'n!" He did his fire blast right in the burglar's stomach. He did not do it too hard because he did not want to hurt the burglar. Electric Man told the police that, " It was under control" while he was holding the burglar by the shirt. All of New York also did not know that a superhero is small, 47 inches.
He quickly went back into the window at his aunt's house. When he got out of the bathroom, his aunt said, "why would you want your suit in the bathroom?"
Jon responds with, " I just wanted to hold my suit while I was in the bathroom."
The End


  1. Electric Man has super-human strength, but keeps it under control so he doesn't hurt the burglar. Does he do this because of his morals, or because he fears social criticism? How will he hide his secret from his aunt when she sees him on TV (since she made the suit)? What will happen next??

    --Nancy aka "ancy"

  2. Pauly bro,
    It's been long enough. When's the next issue coming out? And how about those illustrations?