Saturday, March 14, 2009

Electric man 3

22 years later it was Jon's graduation and he still had a crush on the girl, Jessica. He had known her for seven years. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. Blah, blah, blah. Lets move on to the villain...
This man named Deja Ravu tried to make a machine that will help his lungs in 1985 but something went wrong. The machine turned him into a rock monster with electricity and stuff like that. It also turned him into a bad guy. He went underground and he had been there ever since... Twenty five years later Deja Ravu rose out of the ground on the day of Jon's graduation when Jon's parents gave him his graduation present, it was an electric car.
When Deja Ravu rose from the ground, he crashed and broke Jon's car. Jon was bursting into tears. So Jon quickly got his Electric Man suit. He flew out from the tall buildings and landed on the ground right in front of Deja Ravu.
"Pretty strong for a guy underground" said Electric Man to Deja Ravu.
"Whats your point, thunderbolt butt" said Deja Ravu.
Elecrtic Man could not think of a come back so he just did his fire blast.
Deja Ravu then punched Electric Man right in the stomach with his big rock hand. This did not hurt Electric man because he was wearing his metal suit armor.
Right when electric man's armor was week, Deja Ravu punched him again and he flew 50 feet. When Elctric Man fell down , he played dead so Deja Ravu would think that he was dead. Deja Ravu then ran and jumped super far away.
Electric Man's mom was really worried because she could not find Jon. So Electric Man quickly went into the bathroom changed out of his suit and went to find his mom.
His mom said to Jon, "where were you?".
Jon said, "Jessica needed me to help her with her computer"
"you missed out on all of the excitement'" his mom said.
" The excitement must have been solid!!" said Jon